Here We Go!

Our friend Mrs. T turned us on to this cool blog site: A King’s Life.  The King family are pretty cool – the kind of family you want to hang with over a great meal with yummy drinks.  The best part was their attitude about material items and raising their children – quite inspiring really.  If you get the chance take a few minutes to read some of their posts.

About nine months ago we had our own epiphany and realized out little family did not fully utilize a home with 3 bedrooms with a loft family room and 1900′ of space.  So we moved to an older duplex that gave us 2 bedrooms, a half-size basement, 880′ of living space and walking distance to grocery stores and shops.  Plus, it cut our rent by over $400 and our utilities by $100 per month.  Our little home forced us to de-clutter and get rid of many items we just were not using or had even looked at for some time.  Plus, we had to get rid of larger furniture and used Ikea as a guide to making our space feel larger than it is.  Oh, and we traded in our convertible and truck and have just ONE vehicle now.

And an amazing thing happened – we became happier!

So, after reading a few posts at A King’s Life last night we realized we have WAY too many freaking mixing bowls!  And there are a bunch of kitchen tools we never use.  And how many freaking round cake pans do you need when you only make cake about once a month???

This weekend’s challenge (since the weather is a little blustery) is to narrow our kitchen items down even more!  The best part – our stuff may ALL fit in our cabinets.  We will follow this up and let you know how we do!

What are you inspired to do after reading the King’s blog?