Family Feet cr

We are a family of 3 – hence the name of our blog.  We are a single income family trying their darndest to enjoy life and make changes for the better.  Most of all – as cliché this may sound – our ultimate goal is to leave a better child for this planet.

Why Blog?

When it came time to feed the Muppet actual food Chris and Mo freaked out.  Seriously, the crap we put in our bodies suddenly looked radio-active.  About the same time reports of Pink Slime came out – which did NOTHING to alleviate our fears.  So we started buying organic food and researching what we were actually eating.

We are not perfect – far from.  We are not weaving hemp into clothing – and no offense to those who do.  We decided we need to set an example for our son and we should do our best to try to make it a good one.  We joined the local co-op – purchase grass-fed/grass-finished meat and dairy from local farms – and we have started gardening (a feat in itself since we have killed silk plants in the past).

So the goal of this blog is to give others information from our experiences with life – both good and bad.  We hope you may find some new tidbit or resource that will help you on your journey as well.

Meet the Nuts

Chris is an amazing husband and daddy.  He served in the Navy and now works for an energy company.  He loves baseball, great beer and wines, cooking and reading.  Mostly he loves Mo & the Muppet.  His greatest strength is being supportive – even when his wife is at her craziest!

Mo is a crazy full-time homemaker.  She loves her family, cooking, finding killer shopping deals and, now, gardening.  Chris and the Muppet are the center of her day and her heart.  She has gone from mosh pits to making yogurt and playing in VegTrugs.

The Muppet is our 3 year-old son.  He is very loving and has the most infectious giggle.  He can be just as stubborn as his parents and definitely has his own ideas.  It is a blast seeing the world from his point of view.

Chris, Mo & Muppet


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